Fluid Delivery

VIVA Medical has launched a range of locally manufactured generic equivalent infusion sets that are suitable for use in the IVAC® Model 597 Volumetric Pump and the Alaris® Asena GW Infusion Pump, amongst others.

VIVAline™ Virgo # 59 NF is the generic equivalent for the Alaris® # G59793E infusion set.
VIVAline™ Aries # 004 is the generic equivalent for the Alaris® # 273-004 infusion set.

Local manufacture means lower costs for your hospital while still maintaining quality and patient safety.
VIVA Medical is a wholly owned South African company – a certified Level 4 B- BBEE Status Contributor with a 50% Female Shareholding.

You can trust our expertise.
Our range of IV therapy devices have been;
       • tested and approved by leading DoH academic hospitals.
       • evaluated by an independent CEASA member.
       • manufactured to SABS 1775:1999 standards.
       • assembled in an ISO certified plant.
       • sterilised by a DoH approved facility.

We place the patient and customer at the centre of our business – we listen to your needs, and find ways of meeting them through joint collaboration.

 Download the SABS Test Report here (pdf 1mb)

VIVAline™ - reducing costs, while maintaining quality and patient safety.
Our Provincial Suppliers Database numbers are;
KZN 219416
AV 328